08 Frank Ball

 "When I'm looking for great ideas, Patricia Durgin is one resource I must always consult."

Frank Ball, writer, speaker, and author,
Founder and director of
North Texas Christian Writers Conference, and
Founder and Director of Help Me Tell My Story

08 Tana Thompson “All my life I have felt like an imposter.  Nobody has ever talked me out of my imposter-ness.  It was a “place” where I was comfortable; in that place, I am not really responsible if my work or efforts are ill-reviewed.

Then I met Patricia Durgin.  She showed me that EVERYTHING in my life (relationships, skills, activities, even struggles and doubts) have been woven with His Purple Thread (Patricia’s special message), to help me accomplish His plan for me.

Patricia helped me realize something important: I am anointed to be ME!  God plans to do some work for His kingdom through ME!  That work has been planned since before I was born. 

Now I can accept the skills and talents He has given me and use them for His glory.”

Tana N. Thompson, Ph.D. Author of Why Dogs Are and Why Horses Are, and Publisher, Kendall Neff

 “Over the past 24 years my business of being a Mary Kay Sales Director was used as a tool to enrich the lives of women.   The products I offered were the vehicle that opened doors for me to experience stories of strength in the midst of brokenness.  My role has been one of listening, sharing perspective, and offering hope.  Being self-employed within this business has taught me life skills, business skills, creativity, and flexibility.

My spirit has been unsettled for 10 years.  There has been a nagging nudge that, “God has more for me.” 

The concept of discovering God’s activity—His Purple Thread—in my life drew me into Patricia’s space 2 years ago.  Being able to share my core with Patricia has been so refreshing.  She listens, takes notes, and offers insight.  She has done for me what I have done countless times for hundreds of women.

It is easy for me to listen and share perspective to help others.  It is hard to look at myself and gain perspective for myself.  Patricia has given me the gift of her perspective in my life.  She has unraveled the tangled woven happenings of my life to discover the beauty of His Purple Thread in my life.”

Deb Handrich
Mary Kay National Sales Director
Goshen, Indiana


“His Purple Thread allowed my staff to beautifully discover God's hand on their lives. Each member of my ministry team for Flourish magazine went through this program.

There is great value in walking with someone through your life experiences and passions to see His touch all along the way guiding you to His best. 

Patricia has an amazing, Spirit-led way of asking just the right questions to bring out important details so you can walk confidently forward, knowing your value to God and His plan for you. 

I would recommend this program for every team that wants to maximize its fulfillment and every individual who desires encouragement and guidance to more confidently see your God-given strengths and how to best use them.

I will utilize Patricia's wisdom and insight to make the most of every project I am involved in. You will be amazed at how much you will learn.”

Myra Houser, Founder and President of formerly printed Flourish Magazine Clayton, North Carolina