All Christians Have a Story.

Some Have a Message, too.

Discover the Message
Buried in Your Life's Story.

Christ has gifted you to serve a specific group of people. These people "get" your sense of humor. They value your wisdom. They need your message.

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There Are Plenty Of People Who
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But vague answers and false encouragement make their Spidey-senses a bad way.

That's why we're here to help you get clear on your market, message, and mission.

You can affect change in the same type of audience online that find you through word-of-mouth and referrals offline.

To do that, we need to revisit the fundamentals, where we find clarity, focus, and purpose.

Intrigued? Then welcome! We have work to do--let's get started.

Meet Patricia Durgin

Patricia Durgin helps Christians with a message focus that message like a laser, which makes their good message great, and streamlines their efforts, making them even more effective...for Christ. Learn more...

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